Summer Schools

The following is a guide to our Academic programmes.

Our tours have been designed to provide a structured learning experience based on a programme which:

  • Helps students to develop a sound understanding of British school life through exchange activities in a local school.
  • Is up-to-date and of interest to teenagers and young learners.
  • Helps students build confidence in using and understanding English.
  • Helps students expand their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation.
  • Integrates our students into class by allowing them to socialize with native students.
  • Includes interesting enrichment activities and project work, during their cultural visits.
  • Encourages students to develop their language skills outside the classroom and benefit linguistically from their stay in the UK.

For more information please contact a member of the Cultural One Team.

Summer Schools

School Integrtaion

School integration

Students will be assigned to separate classes at their appropriate level of learning, for the tour period, when the English pupils are in school, our students will have lessons along with them, in full curriculum. Subjects include English, Maths, Science, Art, Drama etc.

Every academic day consists of a different topic of discussion or different subject as this provides continuity and links to the activity programme. In addition, our enrichment sessions provide numerous opportunities for students to learn through specially designed interactive activities or workshops, while having fun.

Host Families

Short Stay Groups

The Cultural One Summer School programmes are the best and most comprehensive of any School Group travel Company.

We offer an amazing opportunity for Students from around the world to come and Study English along with the amazing sights London and the UK has to offer, we provide a full curriculum based study programmes along with enrichment classes that add fun to the study programme.

Our enrichment lessons are based around the English Course but will a twist, we want each Student to be able to have both a theoretical and practical lesson as part of the Enrichment lessons, each Student will complete workshops designed to enhance and further their English speaking through School, museum and gallery based study.

Our Students leave the many programmes we offer feeling enriched at learning a new language, joyous at meeting so many new friends and sad to leave the wonderful summer of fun and education that Cultural One Summer Schools have to offer.

To find out more details about our fantastic Summer Schools contact one of the Cultural One team.

Short stay groups